How does the app work when there is high demand

When there is high demand, some categories of orders may temporarily "close" to expedite the completion of your order more quickly and efficiently.

Increased demand for orders

Sometimes, the order requests may reach an amount that the available drivers are insufficient to efficiently handle them. Bad weather, peak hours, and large events, for example, can lead to an unusually high number of customers submitting requests to Pengu..

Some categories may be temporarily unavailable

In cases of very high demand, certain order categories that have reached the maximum number of orders, may temporarily stop accepting new requests, to ensure that orders can be delivered successfully. This process is called the high-demand system and it is used to assist the Pengu app to continue to manage your orders effectively, remaining a reliable delivery option.

How can I place a new order if the category I'm interested in is closed

When the high-demand system is in place, the Pengu app temporarily closes certain categories that have reached the maximum number of orders they can accommodate.

In this case, you can wait a few minutes for the category you're interested in to reopen. Alternatively, in cases of urgency, you can choose the "Anything" category, in which case the corresponding charges and wait time of that category will be applied.