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How does it work

The Pengu operates through a very easy to use and navigate application.

The processis streamlined into the five steps you'll find bellow:

Step 1 - Download

The User downloads the App through Google Play or App Store.

Step 2 - Location

The User adds the delivery address details and saves the data for future use.

Step 3 - Choice

The User chooses the service category that better suits the needs at hand and user can place the order using simultaneously or independently any of these methods: text, voice memo and photo.

Step 4 - Payment

The user pays through our app by entering their credit/debit card details.

Step 5 - Track

The user can track the status of their order in real time and to also be informed when the order is executed.

Order Scenario

User A decides to order groceries.

In Step 1, the user downloads the app and enters the necessary details.

In Step 2, the user enters the delivery location details 

In Step 3, the user chooses the category Supermarket, thenwrites in the text box “2 boxes of diapers,
6 soft drinks e.t.c. (the user can state their preferred label, dimensions, or any specification required)”.
Users have the option to record the above text through a voice memo or send a photo of the products they need.

In Step 4, the user enters their credit card details and then the order is placed.

In Step 5, the user can see that the order is being executed and soon the groceries will be delivered.