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Brand Equity

Focusing strongly on the innovation of the delivery process, the uniqueness of Pengu is further reinforced through its brand value and strong brand personality. The application's branding is based on the creation of a dominant visual identity, which meets the needs of the modern smartphone user both at the technology and consumer level.

The main axes of brand recognition and value enhancement are based on the following:

Brand Awareness

Brand Loyalty

Perceived Brand Quality

Brand Associations

When the value of the brand acquires great clarity, i.e. the degree to which a brand becomes understood and perceived by consumers, then automatically the use of the brand becomes a daily necessity. It is clear that meeting the functional and emotional needs of consumers offers a commercial advantage to a brand, transforming it into a behavioural habit.

Pengu applies all these parameters as the main axes of development of its corporate model, thus elevating the brand through essential values and not just as a tool for marketing or advertising purposes. The strong brand equity, therefore, rests on a strategic brand development, intertwined to the financial and croporate goals of the company.

Tech applications of this type are based on the way in which the public connects in its consciousness the use of the application with a contemporary and highly urban way of life, establishing the application as a necessary part of their daily life, in the same way that it has learned to use social media or apps like Amazon.

Brand Personality

Pengu transmits an emotional response to the target audience, with the intention of engaging users with the brand persona and not just with the brand. The personification of the service is one its greatest successes, making it memorable, distinguishable and powerful; prerequisites to win hearts and minds.

Pengu appeals to a younger demographic, with energetic advertising, high-level design, and celebrity endorsements, without neglecting older age groups, which find the application useful due to its easy order system via text, voice or photo message.

Brand Values

Local impact: The brand concentrates on maximising local impact by having a strong geographic focus. It is a brand which maintains its horizontal characteristics but with strong contextualisation.

User Privacy: The brand understands that the user is at the core of the business. Privacy of information and privacy of user requests are essential for brand credibility.

Diversity, Equality, Culture, Inclusion: Pengu is a brand of global calibre; it delivers anything for and to fast-paced individuals, advocating also for fellow human beings with special conditions such as limited mobility and the elderly. In this way, Pengu stands with vulnerable social groups, pushing for a more inclusive and fair society for all.

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