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Pengu reserve

Complete your planning now.

Schedule your purchases or transfers up to 30 days prior with Pengu Reserve with no fuss and without forgetting the things that matter to you.

Thanks to our technology your order is saved, scheduled at a time of your choosing and delivered timely. Our systems allow us to monitor that our rider is on track and that your order will be completed within the allotted time schedule while you only need to check your order and see it completed.

Free cancellation up to 1 hour before order’s scheduled time. No refund requests will be accepted for cancellations after this 1 hour period.

Pengu Reserve order will be executed only within operational hours.

*Disclaimer: When you order with Pengu Reserve our app will show only the base price of our service. Upon your order’s execution, the price indicated is subject to change according total distance, day and time of transfer and other factor that shape our prices.