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Pengu has invested in custom cutting-edge technology,
enabling the seamless execution of hundreds of orders concurrently,
all while upholding the highest standards of service quality.

System Flow

There are two mobile applications, one for the client and one for the delivery drivers. Clients can create new orders by using the client app: all new orders are saved to a could database that it's get shared to the system.

When a new order is committed, the order appears immediately to the live board of the administration panel and from there, after inspection, the order can be assigned to the appropriate driver. The driver gets a notification regarding the new order and then they can view the order using the delivery app to begin executing it.

Our technology

Pengu’s developing team creates delivery experiences that makes us pioneers.Pengu’s next great innovation will be to “learn” the user’s habitual orders effectively foreseeing customer’s needs and reducing logistical errors.

Our goal is to provide for our customers better daily routines, offer time saving services and to also the ability to schedule their orders, which although easy to automate end up being a distraction from more vital tasks.

What made Pengu a pathfinder in the delivery service sector is its capacity to accept any order with any specification and execute it in less than an hour. A feat that few companies in the world can match.

Our technology comes in to ensure that our three stakeholders interact seamlessly and reap the benefits of our cooperation:

1. Stores & Businesses broaden their reach and revenue potential by accessing new customers.

2. Riders enhance earnings with a Reward system, tailored through data analysis and goal-setting.

3. Clients relish quick, transparent service, fulfilling their desires for anything, anywhere.

Through data-driven algorithms, we constantly refine our services, aiming for greater efficiency and productivity while enhancing the well-being of our stakeholders—stores & businesses, riders, and clients. Our overarching goal remains an improved service experience.