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About Pengu

Pengu is the next-gen delivery service!

Through a smart and easy to use app which allows the user , at the push of a button, to activate a four-fold service: personal buyer - delivery - courrier - personal assistant, to buy or transfer anything inside a delivery box.

Our goal is to create a culture that reflects the consumer needs of the modern smartphone user. Innovation, convenience and speed, further consolidating the mobile phone as the ultimate remote control for your everyday shopping.

The platform is designed not only to serve your day-to-day shopping, but also to empower local businesses unable to offer delivery services.

Our three-sided

A letter from our Founder & Ceo

September 2023

"In 2019 an idea was born to solve a simple problem we all had. How can any of us access any product or deliver anything from Point A to Point B at the touch of a button.

When Pengu was established many questioned it. My answer was that this company would be a solution in needless transportation and the opportunity before me was grand.

In the past, purchasing products required physical presence but now through a smartphone and with our motto “anything, anywhere” we make this a thing of the past.

Customers want to fulfil any need effortlessly and Pengu will do that for you, on your behalf. We develop products and services to bring people closer to their needs, creating a new comfort standard.

Since our work is never ending, we will operate looking forward and together with our developing team we will improve everything for the sake of our customer’s happiness and comfort.

I am bound to continue creating with Pengu an app that gives people new capabilities for their everyday life."

Giorgos Andritsos

Founder & Ceo

The Brand

Focusing strongly on the innovation of the delivery process, the uniqueness of Pengu is further reinforced through its brand value and strong brand personality. The application's branding is based on the creation of a dominant visual identity, which meets the needs of the modern smartphone user both at the technology and consumer level.

The main axes of brand recognition and value enhancement are based on the following:

Brand Awareness

Brand Loyalty

Perceived Brand Quality

Brand Associations


Pengu is led by a team of C-Level executives that is responsible for managing all commercial and operational activities of the company.

The horizontal organizational structure allows the company to be more flexible and swifter in decision making.

The horizontal structure also allows for better communication between the management and its employees reducing errors and cost.

Our mission and vision

Pengu's mission is to change how things move in cities by providing purchasing and transit services for any product in less than 30 minutes.

Pengu's vision is to grant everyone the ease and freedom that comes with being served anything and anywhere through its platform.

Our technology

Pengu’s developing team creates delivery experiences that makes us pioneers.Pengu’s next great innovation will be to “learn” the user’s habitual orders effectively foreseeing customer’s needs and reducing logistical errors.

Our goal is to provide for our customers better daily routines, offer time saving services and to also the ability to schedule their orders, which although easy to automate end up being a distraction from more vital tasks.

What made Pengu a pathfinder in the delivery service sector is its capacity to accept any order with any specification and execute it in less than an hour. A feat that few companies in the world can match.


Unlock the Power of Pengu for Your Business .

At Pengu, our mission is to empower your business to thrive, expand its horizons,
maintain a stronger presence, and boost your revenue.

A reliable delivery service is paramount for any business.

Count on Pengu to:

Guarantee equal access to your goods and services for all your customers

Solve your logistical challenges seamlessly

Ensure the safety and security of your deliveries

Expand your coverage area effortlessly


Your mission is to deliver each order according to the instructions you receive on your mobile phone (Driver's App).

Competitive earnings, job security and various benefits!

Choose your own shift and your own starting time.

A fully engaged community of fellow riders and an active network of colleagues are here for you.

We will provide you with the necessary safety equipment and our vehicles along with all the relevant expenses.

Get round-the-clock support.

Your ride? Your tips! Keep 100% of all your customer’s tips.