Pengu is led by a team of C-Level executives that is responsible for managing
all commercial and operational activities of the company.

The horizontal organizational structure allows the company to be more flexible and swifter in decision making.

The horizontal structure also allows for better communication between the management and its employees reducing errors and cost.

This structure also enables the ease of transferring knowledge across all levels while it achieves the proper responsibility allocation without compounding responsibility to few executives and allowing for better workload management.

Job Description

Founder & Chief Executive Officer: The role of the Founder & Chief Executive Officer is to pass the vision of the company across all levels, to further develop the company, to search for opportunity in new markets, to make strategical decisions and to facilititate the general operation and strategy of the company.

Chief Financial Officer: The role of the Chief Financial Officer is to develop the company’s Business Plan, to implement the financial strategy, to uphold all tax and accounting obligations, to examine the company’s Cashflow, to represent the company in meetings with investors and to also facilitate the payroll.

Chief Technical Officer: The role of the Chief Technological Officer is to develop the companies technology, to implement R&D of new products and to also improve existing products, to examine the security systems, to test and ensure the operation of the company’s technology, to comply with all relevant legal obligations that stem out of our technological products, the conceptualization and implementation of the User Interface and User Experience of the company;s technologies and to also maintain and upkeep the company’s databases.

Chief Marketing Officer: The role of the Chief Marketing Officer is to implement all necessary tools to achieve Search Engine Optimization, plan the company’s Marketing Strategy, to manage all Promotional Activities, to manage all aspects of Social Media, to develop and enforce the company’s Brand, to maintain and manage the company’s Public Reputation, to manage all Personal Relations for the company and to further create any content that may be needed for implementing all of the above.

Chief Human Resources Manager: The role of the Chief Human Resources Officer is to manage all personnel of the company, to allocate and document job descriptions, to plan and implement wage policies and benefits, to train and grow the staff and to document - handle and review any complaints.

Chief Legal Officer: The role of the Chief Legal Officer is to ensure the company upholds and abides by the Law, to ensure the company possess all necessary permits, to examine and compile any contract biding the company be it with employees, suppliers or clients, to ensure we follow the required compliance and GDPR procedures, to file and handle all necessary trademark & copyright procedures.

Chief Product Officer: The role of the Chief Product Officer is to ensure the service quality of our products, to ensure efficient route allocation, to uphold the quality of Client and Driver Experience, to oversee the products – services operation, to analyse and forecast the products commercial output, to analyse the products trends and to also be on top of customer relations.

Chief Operations Officer: The role of the Chief Operations Officer is responsible to plan and implement all necessary procedures, to monitor the company’s day to day operations, to monitor and manage the fleet, to analyse and document all instances of note for the company, to execute all necessary administrative task and to also initiate and document market researches a