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Unlock the Power of Pengu for Your Business .

At Pengu, our mission is to empower your business to thrive, expand its horizons,
maintain a stronger presence, and boost your revenue.

Connect with All Your Clients - Faster Than Ever

When you collaborate with Pengu, you open doors to serving your clients with
unprecedented speed and efficiency

Here's what you get when you partner with Pengu:

Swift Deliveries: Our motorcycle delivery service can transport anything you need, precisely when you need it. Say goodbye to logistical hassles and cost overruns.

Revenue Growth: Expand your operational reach and tap into new markets you couldn't serve before. Increase your market share and watch your revenue soar.

Security & Reliability: Rest easy knowing that all your Pengu orders will reach their destination within just one hour, every day from 08:00 to 24:00. We'll notify you promptly if we can't locate the recipient and work closely with you to ensure successful delivery.

Efficient Scheduling: Take control of your orders with our scheduling feature, allowing you to free up valuable time for other critical aspects of your business.

Consistency Matters: When you urgently need a product from your supplier, and they can't deliver, Pengu steps in to bridge the gap and bring it directly to you.

The Ultimate Solution for Every Business

A reliable delivery service is paramount for any business.

Count on Pengu to:

Guarantee equal access to your goods and services for all your customers

Solve your logistical challenges seamlessly

Ensure the safety and security of your deliveries

Expand your coverage area effortlessly

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Frequently asked questions

Our prices remain the same for both businesses and individual clients.

There is no surcharge for using Pengu Business. Our pricing model remains the same for both business and individual clients.

One of our drivers will receive your package and deliver it in less than 2 hours.

The default pricing options is pay per order. Invoice issuing will be made for Pengu Business clients that their monthly transactions exceed the amount of 500,00€ per month.

When placing your order, you will be charged with the base fee of the selected service. When your order is executed by our driver, the final price will be automatically calculated and will include, if present, any extra charges required for the execution of your order.

When you launch our app and select the category – Courier you will find the indicated final price for orders up to 12 km.

Our service fees are calculated by distance travelled to execute your order and are split in three distance thresholds:
Α) 5,00€ for distances up to 12 km.
B) 9,50€ for distances between 12 and 20 km.

C) 14,00€ for distances between 20 and 30 km.
Please be advised that orders exceeding 30 km will be examined per instance.