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Your mission is to deliver each order according to the instructions you
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Join the challenging community
of our riders and enjoy:

Competitive earnings, job security and various benefits!

Choose your own shift and your own starting time.

A fully engaged community of fellow riders and an active network of colleagues are here for you.

We will provide you with the necessary safety equipment and our vehicles along with all the relevant expenses.

Get round-the-clock support.

Your ride? Your tips! Keep 100% of all your customer’s tips.

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Frequently asked questions

To be able to work as a driver you will need to have the following:

-National ID
-Driving License
-Smartphone with Android Operating System
-Mobile Internet Data
-Clear criminal record

-National Insurance Number

-Proof of residence

All our drivers are hired as employees of the company as we do not partner with freelancers, enjoying all employee benefits, rights, and obligations.

Your schedule will be agreed upon the hiring process (both working days and working hours). If the specified schedule is available, then the company proceeds with the hiring process and validates the schedule. In cases of force majeure the company may have to alter the schedule but will revert to the original agreement at a later point.

Since you are an employee of our company you are covered by the national insurance every working day. Therefore while working for us you are covered even in case of an accident. Also note that according to Legislation this coverage extends during your arrival and departure from your workplace. In case of a workplace accident, you will be reimbursed as stated by the law and the company reserves your employement condition.

The company’s payroll occurs every 5th of every month and your salary is deposited in your bank account. All payments decreed according to the law will be deposited in your bank account. In case of bonus rewards our drivers will receive a coupon card (a card akin to prepaid cards).

Tips belong to the driver that earned them and are up to the clients discretion to hand them. The company will never ask you how much you were tipped for the completion of an order nor will ask the client as it is a matter of privacy.

No the company will provide you with the vehicle required for your job. All our vehicles are maintained and used according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

All expenses related to the vehicles that you use during your shift are covered by the company. The driver is responsible for returning the vehicle full of fuel at the end of his shift and the driver pays with the company’s card.

All our vehicles have comprehensive insurances (including collision). In case of an accident the company will pay the deductible only if the accident has been recorded by the insurance company or the police.

In case you disobeyed the Road and Traffic laws all consequences deriving from your infringement will weigh you, the driver. In case that the infringement leads to vehicle license revocation the company must be notified immediately.

The company will provide all necessary clothing and equipment according to the season.

The company will provide you with a helmet meeting the technical specifications decreed by the law. We understand that some of our drivers want to use their own safety equipment and the company will allow it only if that equipment meets the necessary technical specifications decreed by the law.

You will pick up the vehicle from our garage and at the end of your shift you will return it at the Garage. Our garage also houses our Fleet Management office which will record the vehicles status and condition during the start and end of it’s shift.