Pengu One

Pengu One is the monthly subscription program of Pengu, which offers you additional privileges and benefits for your daily delivery habits. By becoming a member with €9.99/month or €99.99/year, you get to enjoy the bonus privileges and offers provided to you, improving your delivery experience.

Pengu One Benefits:

- 5 FREE deliveriew per month.

- 20 % discount on all orders after 22:00.

- Personal telephone assistant provided for your needs.

- €5 credit to your account, if we exceed the estimated delivery time.€5 credit to your account, if we exceed the estimated delivery time.

- Cancel any order free of charge.

- Orders with out extra charge for Sunday and holidays.

With Pengu One and its provided privileges, you can save over €30 every month! To become a member, send us your name via WhatsApp, along with the word ONE, and we will send you the registration process.

*Pengu One is not available for businesses, ONLY for individuals.

*Subscription to the program does not automatically renew each month (monthly subscription) or each year (annual subscription). To renew your subscription, please contact our support.

*Estimated savings do not include the subscription fee. Actual savings may vary.

*Extra charges apply normally to free deliveries.

Frequently asked questions

Pengu One is the monthly subscription program of Pengu, offering you exclusive privileges for your daily habits and the opportunity to save money on your orders.


Contact Pengu support and we will guide you through the process.

If you spend more than €9.99 on our services, subscribing to the Pengu One program grants you additional privileges with each order, saving you money. Our members save over €30 per month!


No, your subscription does not automatically renew, it is active only for the paid period. To renew your subscription, contact our support.

Once your subscription is paid, it cannot be canceled, and no refunds are provided.

Unfortunately no, each subscription is individual and tied to a single user profile.

Each order has an estimated delivery time before you place it. If the estimated delivery time is exceeded by 10 minutes, you will receive a €5 refund for your future orders.