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Pengu's upfront pricing

Before you request a order, the app shows an estimated upfront price .

Courier: 5,00€ for distances up to 12 km / 6,00€ for orders after 22:00

9,50€ for distances between 12 and 20 km/ 10,50€ for orders after 22:00

14,00€ for distances between 20 and 30 km/ 15,00€ for orders after 22:00

Orders over 30 km to be negotiated depending on location.

Food and Drink: 3,50€ plus 0,5€ per km / 4,00€ for orders after 22:00 plus 0,5 per km.

Pharmacy: 4,50€ / 5,50€ for orders after 22:00

Kiosk: 4,00€ / 5,00€ for orders after 22:00

Super Market: 8,00€ / 9,00€ for orders after 22:00. Up to 10 items.

Gift and Shop: 9,00€ / 9,50€ for orders after 22:00. Courrier charges apply for distances over 12 km.

Anything: 7,00€ / 8,00€ for orders after 22:00. Courrier charges apply for distances over 12 km.

How are prices determined?

Many data points go into calculating a price upfront, including the estimated order time and distance between destinations. It also includes any applicable tolls, taxes, surcharges, and fees..

Extra Charges:

5,00€ for the following locations: Ports, Airports, Other Courrier Companies, Malls.

5,00€ in case of wait time exceeding 60 minutes

2,00€ change for Sunday

25,00€ for orders that need a car for their execution

2,00€ if the order requires us to visit more than one pharmacy or kiosk for its execution.

5,00€ for pharmacy or kiosk indicated by the customer.

In case that the product category chosen by the customer does not fit the criteria, the app will allocate it to the corresponding category and will change the charges accordingly.

*The material provided on this web page is intended for informational purposes only and may not, be applicable in your country, region, or city. It is subject to change and may be updated without notice.

Frequently asked questions

A lot of data is required to calculate an order’s cost, including the estimated time of completion, the distance travelled and the waiting time required to complete your order at the store or destination indicated.

Pengu’s fees and prices are based on the following principle: e.g., our minimum fee of one of our services is 3,50€ and the distance fee is about 0,50€ per km (additional fee). Prices may vary if the distance between pick up and drop off points is greater than 12 km, but you will receive the necessary notifications through our app

If for your order’s execution our drivers must wait at the indicated destination, a surcharge of 5,00€ per hour will be added to your order.

With our model of initial pricing, you can check your order’s price before you order. No surprises and no math equations to solve.

Our pricing model relies heavily on distance travelled to execute your order so begin by ensuring that you do not place orders exceeding our 12km threshold, also make sure that we will not have to wait to execute your order at indicated destination (give them a call prior to our arrival). By covering these two simple steps the flow of your order will be faster and you will avoid extra charges resulting in you paying less and enjoying the same quality services.

Tipping is optional. You are free to tip our drivers and they are free to accept.

You can reserve a driver for up to 8 hours. The pricing for this option is 12,5€ per hour, including the vehicle and all its expenses, for a total distance of 80km.

The cheapest service we offer is that of the Kiosk category as our drivers can locate one easily and fast.

There is no difference between scheduled and normal orders. Therefore, there is no additional fee for scheduling an order.

There are occasions where your bank may notify you for two different transactions. This happens because we charge your card when receiving the order and we may charge your card again, when our driver is executing your order where we add the additional fees required to complete your order. Please check your account’s transaction history to make sure. For any information regarding our extra charges, please feel free to contact us.

You will find that between 22.00 and 24.00 our prices change in our app. Also, on Sundays and National Holidays there is a surcharge of 2,00€ per order.

All our prices include VAT.

The receipt is sent automatically upon charging your order and you can find it in the email address you entered at your sign up.

If your order requires more than two stops to be executed, you will be charged with the extra time that our driver needs to complete your order. Rest assured our drivers are informed and in line with our delivery time policies.