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Frequently asked questions

You can use Pengu to order anything you need (within the bounds of feasibility) even if the shop does not offer delivery services or does not serve your area if your order can be executed with our motorcycles.

First, you need to download the Pengu App and create an account. Upon entering your address and contact information, you are good to go. Choose the service you deem appropriate for your needs and place your order. Then enter your credit card details so that you can proceed with your order. You can find our App at Google Play Store and App Store. Please note that we do not accept cash.

We are operational every day from 8:00 to 22:30 

Wherever our app is operational.

You can check the status of all your orders inside the App.

By pressing the “Live Order” tab in the menu you can check your ongoing orders and by pressing the “Orders” tab you can check all your past orders.

That depends on the order’s nature. The waiting time can vary from half an hour to two hours according to the delivery type, with some very rare exceptions.

Yes, you can schedule any order for any day and time within our operational hours.

You can cancel your order at any time in the live order tab.


There is no way to make changes to an active order. Please cancel your order and place a new one. In case your order is already charged, we will transfer that charge to the new order if the new order is within the same specifications.

You are charged in two stages depending on the nature of your order:


When your order gets assigned to one of our drivers and begins execution you are charged with the service fee.


If your order entails the purchasing of products our driver will charge you when he pays for said products.

If your balance does not suffice for our service fee your order gets canceled.


If your balance does not suffice for the purchase of the products you ordered, we will let you know. 


In case you do not own a card with sufficient balance to execute the order we will cancel your order. Please note that our service fee cannot be waived in this case as we have executed your order.

The wrongfully charged amount gets refunded to your card immediately.

An order can be canceled for the following reasons:


Your card’s balance is insufficient for the payment of the service fee / products.


The requested pick-up spot is closed.


We couldn’t find you. (Insufficient contact information)


We couldn’t find the requested products.


We couldn’t understand your order.


The service you requested is not available.


We are not operating in the requested areas.