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A letter from our Founder & Ceo

September 2023

"In 2019 an idea was born to solve a simple problem we all had. How can any of us access any product or deliver anything from Point A to Point B at the touch of a button.

When Pengu was established many questioned it. My answer was that this company would be a solution in needless transportation and the opportunity before me was grand.

In the past, purchasing products required physical presence but now through a smartphone and with our motto “anything, anywhere” we make this a thing of the past.

Customers want to fulfil any need effortlessly and Pengu will do that for you, on your behalf. We develop products and services to bring people closer to their needs, creating a new comfort standard.

Since our work is never ending, we will operate looking forward and together with our developing team we will improve everything for the sake of our customer’s happiness and comfort.

I am bound to continue creating with Pengu an app that gives people new capabilities for their everyday life."

Giorgos Andritsos

Founder & Ceo